From sea, boat, dock to shop!

The vast majority of our fresh fish is sourced from the Shetland Islands, then transported to our factory in Cockenzie, East Lothian. We also stock a variety of frozen products which include:

  • Gambas
  • King prawns
  • Squid
  • Seafood cocktails
  • Scampi
  • Fish cakes

Getting a glimpse of the journey, both our fish and fishermen make, is quite an eye opener. Have a look at the images below to give you an idea of the long and perilous journey our fresh produce makes, before being sold to our loyal customers.

Where our fish comes from

The origins of our fish is very important to us, so it should be to you too. Please see the specific areas throughout Scotland and beyond, from where our produce is sourced and caught before being filleted by our skilled workforce:

  • Salmon, sea bass, sea bream and trout are all farmed
  • Fresh mussels are Shetland farmed
  • Fresh prawns, crab and lobsters are caught locally in East Lothian
  • Haddock, sole, grey sole, monkfish and halibut are all from the Rockall area
  • Tuna is from the Indian Ocean

Our smoked fish

Kippers, smoked mackerel, fish cakes and yellow smoked haddock all contain dye. Natural kippers and natural smoked haddock do not contain dye.

Sustainable fish

A guide to sustainable fish